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Sonya Knowles


Hello! My name is Sonya Knowles and I am here to help you with any problems you may have, of any kind. My specialty is solving couple problems (divorce, old or new loves, temptations or misunderstandings, secrets, mistrust, broken hearts, sex life etc.); but we can also talk about money, career, concerns or finding any solutions to the problems/ questions you may have. I also like to think that I can help people become better versions of themselves, because I am a good listener where you will be able to engage in discussions without judgment. Being an empathetic person, I like to establish deep connections with each person I meet and understand their problem, to give them the most favorable solutions. I rely on the help of intuition and guidance of spirits, and in 99% of cases, they did not abandon me, showing me every time what I had to see or maybe what I did not see.


I was born and raised in a spiritual family and have been practicing Tarot for about 10 years. My first deck was given to me by my mother, who belonged to her grandmother. I started by practicing this profession on my family, then friends, then friends of friends, until I realized that I have an innate gift and a talent for understanding people. I am a good listener and I always like to have an open conversation, where you feel safe and fully respected. Because everything came naturally, I managed to interpret what the spirits were telling me, so, after almost 10 years, I managed to help many people find themselves because I don't just focus on married life and love; I strongly believe that each person must be happy for themself, in order to make others happy. I also believe that nothing is accidental and that everything that happens to us is for a reason.

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absolutely amazing, answered all my questions, put me at ease
i ran out of funds if you can send me free minutes
thank you for your reading 🙏
thank you very honest
very good
Thank you Sonya !! I’ll keep in touch
thanks...we live in the same city..he travels as in leisure trips...will he be the man of my life mam?
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