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Sonya Knowles
Sonya Knowles
Love & Relationships
Sonya Knowles


My name is Sonya Knowles and I like to call myself a Modern Psychic. Over the years, I have had amazing conversations with different people from all over the world 🌏 and I have tried to help them find a solution to their problems or to help them simply ask themselves the right kind of questions. 

We are all bonded by a fine string and I like to call it 🔗“a connection." Some strings or connections are stronger than others and some can snap on a windy day. 

I am focused on 💗love, 💑marriage, 💕romantic relationships, friendships, 💔divorce, break up, betrayal, and any kind of love-related subject. But, I also like to engage in discussions like money, career, life paths, whatever decisions you can’t make, any type of general advice

But what I actually love doing is becoming friends with my customers, making those strings stronger. Because I am a firm believer that every single person can be helped with the right method of opening their eyes.

Services for sale

  1. Protection spell
  2. To see the unseen spell
  3. Karma spell


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I have been doing Tarot readings for over 10 years now.

My first tarot deck belonged to my grandmother. She showed me the mystical methods to 🔮see the past, present, and future of a person, even his/her past life. And that knowledge and gift were passed on to me so naturally, I could after some practice understand hidden messages, hints, red flags, warnings, critical points in every connection. Now I like to use a combination of decks (Tarot and Oracle) for multiple subjects and I also rely on my intuition all the time, sometimes I don't need to use the tools to tune in your situation.

I redirected my focus to the online Tarot reading community, joining forces with Modern Psychics in order to give my customers the simplest way to interact with me. 

I like to believe that I have a special bond with my decks, just like humans have. I will only need your name (and your partner's name after case) in order to connect your situation or question with my Tarot decks. My readings are judgment-free, I like to call them a safe space, no shame, total trust, and confidentiality because I am a professional. 

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6 h ago
Always accurate and on point !! Highly recommend !!
Jun 8, 2023
Ashaki Jack
Jun 7, 2023
Jun 6, 2023
Thank you stay blessed !!! 💋💋
Ashaki Jack
Jun 5, 2023
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