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Using my natural and God-given gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and mediumship along with the tools of the tarot, animal medicine cards, astrology, and other tools of divination and divine understanding, I tune into my clients’ energy and connect with your ancestors, guides, and Higher Self. In doing so, we are able to “see”, “hear”, and “know” exactly what Spirit wants you to know and be aware of in regards to the current situations in your life and bring the clarity needed to move forward with conviction, intention, and focus. Any subsequent spiritual work desired or needed to be done (energy work, manifestation work, cleansing, etc) can be addressed and discussed as well. I look forward to helping and empowering all my clients to get clear and create their own path to attain their fullest and highest destinies. And often, some clients just need the extra spiritual support and “push” to assist them in fulfilling and manifesting their goals. Let’s clear the path up and being your light out!


Being aware of my spiritual gifts and abilities since childhood, and after a brief period of running from and denying those gifts, then enduring experiences that brought them back to life in their fullness, I chose to embrace what was lying dormant sometimes and active like live wire at other times to bring the changes desired to my own life. Subsequently, a world was opened to me where I could share my gifts and magic for the betterment of those around me. At the age of 12, I began what I knew then as sharing the insight that was second nature to know for me and what I now know as reading for clients and assisting them in understanding how and what the divine is communicating to them. Along with empowering clients to remember that that “voice”/intuitive insight lives inside of them, I love to remind my clients that we have the power to co-create and manifest the life of our deepest dreams and desires!

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