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Sofia Spirit


Hi there! I am an experienced and accurate psychic reader with over 15 years of work experience in the field. I specialize in love and relationship readings, but I can answer any area of your life excluding health and legal matters. For example career questions, spirituality related matters, dream interpretation, channeling messages from your spirit guides and much more. What I ask from you when you come into chat with me is to have clear questions and an open, clear mind to receive the truth. I do not want to sugar coat, I want to tell you what the truth of the situation is with compassion and provide you with guidance and advise for the future and how to make things better. I am quick and to the point, I use my spirit guides Oceania and Celeste for extra information and clarity on the situation as well. I look forward to connecting with you.


My journey into becoming a psychic started in my childhood, when I realised I have intuitive and psychic abilities, for example knowing who is calling before picking up the phone, knowing which cards the other player had when playing card games. Seeing visions in dreams. I have inherited my gifts from my great-great-grandmother. I have been doing psychic readings offline for clients since 2003. I have worked online since 2013. My years of experience have made my connection to psychic information fast, giving you a pleasant experience. I have worked with my spirit guides Oceania and Celeste since the beginning and with their help I am able to provide accurate, clear, direct yet compassionate psychic readings. I have also done a lot of dream interpretation work for clients as a specialty. I do not shy away from any topic and have experience with LGBTQ matters as well. Figuring out how someone feels about you, their thoughts and what is at the core of a relationship is also one of my top areas.

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thank u so much sophia
thank you so much, I hope it will come true
Veronica Lodge
Shanikque King
thank sofi i will be back if ur prediction come across my desr thanks for ur honesty.. see u again ❤
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