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Psychic Mercy


~I tell it as it is, and speak my mind.~ My name is Psychic Mercy and I am a natural born 5th generation gifted psychic. I am studying and meditating every day and getting better with my readings. I give hard good advice and if I have to tell you to leave someone because of something bad, I will. I use my senses and inner gut feeling to tell you what you need to know and I haven't gotten any complaints from people when I do. I am a well respected person and very friendly so I will do my best to make sure you are happy as well with your readings. I can feel your energy and flow it with mine. I can help with Love & Relationships, Friendships, Career, Therapy, Healing, Meditation, Tarot Readings. I am here to help and be here for you. I will communicate a lot with you to try to understand the situation better and work from there to help you out. I connect with my clients and how to help them when they feel in physical and emotional pain with no hope. I am here on earth to help in your spiritual awakening. I guide you in every aspect of your daily life, finding good solutions, good advice and to reconnect with the soul essence, to seek a better future with all what you deserve: happiness, love, abundance and health.


I have helped many people by providing professional readings guided by inherited ability and insight. I am coming from a family of the most respected world psychics, and hold the secret to love, success, health, and happiness. I can bring joy and beautify your life with good advise that will lead you into an amazing success! As a clairvoyant psychic my skills have been proven useful to many people I read and advised. I can read with or without tools, my connection to Angels is strong and I always follow their directions. I can heal the energy around you, I am a Reiki master, I can heal from distance. My certified 5D energy intuition, help me tune into energies that surround you, allowing me to give you advice and insights, accurate predictions, time frames, guidance and tools to overcome obstacles when you affronting hard times in life; healing the energy blocks in your body and circumstances. I can harmonize your chakras by accessing your ancestral memory. I can see and sense auras and check what is blocking your cycles and rhythms in life. I am allowed by the Spirit, I can receive and give messages from your loved ones that had passed away. I can help you discover your past lives and what your ancestors inherited to you.

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straight forward. thanks!
always good!
thank you so much :)
I haven't contacted him I am waiting on him. the others have all gone by the wayside. David never contacted either. can you send min
thanks. can you tell me when or if he plans contact
thank u mercy for ur insights again... as always.
thanks man.. could you tell me how long would it take approx.
would be very helpful
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