Empress Crow


I am straightforward, non-judgemental, and all-inclusive. I like to have a good time with my clients no matter what subject we are reading into. I can go as deep or as shallow as you're comfortable with and I even have a spread for sceptics! The tarot is my first love, though I have an array of other tools such as a crystal ball and some favored scrying stones. I specialize in dream interpretations, love and relationships, and abundance/career readings. I can help you harness the Law of Attraction as well as give you advice for your spellwork (or even do some for you.) I can decode your dreams and the signs around you in life, I can help you attract the perfect mate or the perfect job (or both!) and I can teach you how to put extra power behind your spells if you're feeling them to be less effective than you'd like. I'm typically available week days until mid afternoon unless I have a local client. If you are getting a reading and know when you may like to speak with me again, I'm happy to be available for you. Please mention at the end of your readings. Thank you!


I am an urban witch and I have been reading the tarot for 10 years, professional capacities for 4. I work events and hotlines as well as having local and distance clients privately who call for a variety of needs such as natal chart analysis, tarot or rune readings, relationship or money readings/coaching, dream analysis, and Spellwork. Generally speaking, I have a lot of interests of study and practice to help my clients in whatever ways they request. Making divination tools is a love of mine, so often I intuit stones, herbs, or other tools to recommend to my clients. I grew up in the South around a lot of Folk Magick. Influences leftover from Celtic, Dutch, and Native American heritage, superstitions of various religions and cultures, and active extra-sensory experiences of being clairvoyant and clairaudient. I've learned the importance of balance in life and I enjoy helping my clients achieve insightful balance in their own lives. It is my deepest held believe that balance is the foundational springboard for a blissful life and it is from that perspective that I advise and assist my clients with their needs.

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