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I am clairvoyant/clairaudient and a tarot devotee. Often I utilize the tarot in a storytelling style in a general reading and on a specific topic I spread the cards almost like a map to see where the energies are directed. I also use a lot of numerology and symbolism and animal speak/medicine in reference to the cards, dream interpretations, and other questions you may have. Please note: I do ask new clients questions as their cards fall in order to get to know their energies and the moving parts in their lives. I like to answer all kinds of questions without judgement and my style has been described as "coaching" when I have a quierant who is unsure how to proceed with choices ahead. Law of attraction is something I like to utilize in these times and I have a knack for helping shift points of attraction for my clients when their cards and their desires don't match up. This empowers my clients to direct their own outcomes. Because of this, I prefer to do forecasts of what is incoming and outgoing in life as opposed to predictions. Non judgemental, I give honest and straightforward delivery of cards. I can help you connect with your spirit guides, interpret your dreams, navigate interpersonal aspects of your life. I can recommend stones for healing or mojo, respective to your needs. In respect to intuitive coaching (upon request) I can help you remove limiting mindsets surrounding money and romance and help you shift your point of attraction to your desires to help you achieve satisfying results.


I am an urban witch and I have been reading the tarot for 10 years, professional capacities for 4. I have worked events as well as having local and distance clients privately who come to me for tarot, Human Design and Astrology analysis, crystal and herb work, and for Law of Attraction and psychic development coaching. I got started with tarot as a young adult gifted my first decks by more experienced witches. My upbringing involved a lot of Southern folk magick, passed down through my native grandfathers and my old Southern relatives. Some religious, some not-all of them spiritual and with unique wisdom that still remains a part of my daily Craft. I was raised making medicines from the weeds that sprung between the cracks of sidewalk. I was sent through the fields for herbs to bring back to my grandfather for more learning in medicine. As a child, my visual and auditory inputs were very present and in my adolescence and early adulthood, I learned to see and hear more clearly for the purposes of helping others wade through their mysteries and come to realize their true potentials and how to exact them.


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