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I am a kind, compassionate, honest and intuitive Psychic Empath. My strengths are clairsentience (feeling) and claircognizance (knowing) with some pre-cognitive and telepathic abilities. I also see shadows and light from spirit and have natural healing abilities. I burn white candles and meditate many hours to raise vibrations and connect with source, the light and divine love. You will feel a sense of calm from speaking with me. I will help you to ground, remove blockages, find clarity, heal your heart, connect with source, self-empower and remove negative vibrations and programming so you can hear your own inner most sanctimonious voice which is the most powerful guide of all. I have experience with twin flame and soul level connections, the ascension, number synchronicity, chakra balancing, Kundalini, some Kabbalah, the Native American Red Road and aura cleansing. Everything I do is in service of the LIGHT. I pick up on energies and am able to read into situations so can help to shed light on what's hidden from your view or confirm what you may be feeling. I occasionally can remote view and sometimes use tarot if I feel I need it to help me tune in. I believe there are no coincidences so if you are drawn to speak with me, I am very excited to speak with you!


When I was a child I would see and feel entities until they abruptly disappeared. Years later, the phenomenon returned, but in between a dream and wake state. The only way to make it disappear was to burn a particular archangel's candle, it soon stopped. Gradually my sensitivities have increased to a point that forced me to grasp and learn spiritual tools in order to cope. So what is a big challenge, is also one of my greatest blessings! People come to me to ask about what I'm picking up from others and for deep spiritual advice on heavy issues because of my stillness and compassion. I can gently persuade these 'strangers' to follow certain paths of strength from what I pick up from their lives. I am Reiki certified so can do distance healings and read Akashic records.

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