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Welcome! The foundation of my work is grounded in Transformation. I seek to Inspire, Elevate, and Activate you, allowing you to recover your Authentic self. In our sessions, you have an opportunity to get clear and make sound choices by inner-standing what your life, your creations, are showing you- through your relationships, money, and health. You are then empowered with new tools, and clarity to make new choices- living the highest version of you.


I work as an Energetic Therapist supporting my clients in moving through blockages and stagnation for the health of both the cellular body, as well as, the energetic bodies impacting all areas of their livesю As an Intuitive Life Coach I work with a program designed and created for individuals, families, couples, and small business; supporting clients in getting present, communication, taking ownership, and conflict resolution, based in Truth vs. being Right. I've worked with many clients form various countries with various backgrounds and found this to be true. Everyone wants to be valued, heard, seen, and feel connected, very often the perceived lack of these things is the root of suffering. As a WellnessConsultant I use my gifts to listen to my clients, their cells "body-talk" , and the spirit realm working with them to create a plan for change, growth, and healing.

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