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Sister West
Sister West
Psychic Reading
Sister West


I do NOT know your reasons for brake ups. I will however help you to understand the emotions and actions that led up to it and give you guidance for what lies ahead. I offer Numerology Services through the numbers of your Full Birth Name and Date of Birth. I am able to connect you to your spirit guide through channeling or a medium if you'd like to communicate with your loved ones that have past. I give great card readings using my Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards. I offer 1 card, 3 card (past, present, future), and 5 (current situation, expectations, hidden influence, advice, outcome). I am very upbeat and honest. I will always give you the answer as it comes. I can also give you the option of self-healing through my life lesson cards. In this deck you separate into two piles and I put the 'learn' pile in order for you to teach yourself so you can achieve your desired outcome.


I have mastered communication between earth and the unknown. I was blessed to have spent a short time on earth with my twin flame and so thankful to be able to experience every level of consciousness and all of the mystery world. I spent 8 years of my life on a 'spiritual awakening journey'. I've been to Heaven (I was even able to share the experience with my birth mother). I went 10 years without TV and 4 years without electronics while maintaining a "normal" life. I've been a healer of deconstruction-Negative energies and banished demonic spirits from offspring. I asked to see the other worlds and I did. I've seen things and have been places that are suppose to remain a mystery. I know who I was my past 5 lives by name. I was actually able to reunite with my Wonderful past Son who turned out to be my one of my Best friends in this lifetime. my last life up until the current one. I died at the age of 26 in Adelaide, Australia shortly after giving birth, from skin cancer. On my 24th Birthday of this life my twinflame passed away at the exact time I was born 02:59am, on the day. I am a Master Teacher 33. I am a Nordic Austrian Vikings Princess, Western pagan of pre-ancient oracle times of Avalon under the laws of Wiccan Christianity I consider myself a Christian Wiccan and believer in all higher powers. I only do white magic and blessings. I help people connect with their loved ones on other planes. I give readings only in Holy eyes and Assist the self-healers the proper steps to take toward there own peace. I'm am here to teach all sides of Love and embrace all that comes along with it. I know where I'm going and I can only pray and teach others to follow the light up the omega scale and achieve the ultimate goal of becoming Enlightened.

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