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Sister Michelle


Hello. My name is Sister Michelle. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you. I am a trained Spiritual Adviser. I specialize in Love Relationships, Career Advice and Financial Decisions, Health and overall spiritual healing. To be able to pick up on you accurately I will need your name and date of birth along with theirs. I am very honest in my readings and don't sugar coat anything. Whatever your spirit and the universe reveals to me, I will tell you. I straight forward and to the point in my readings. I treat each of my clients as family; when I am working with you, you have my undivided attention. I am always supportive of people, no matter their backgrounds or beliefs. I will tell you what your "intended" path is but in the end you have the "power" to control your destiny. My ultimate goal is to help you thrive and remove negative energy from your life. Freewill plays a big role on how events unfold. I was born with a spiritual gift. When I was in my early 20's I started to educate myself and to perfect my gift. I have attain an higher level of spirituality by doing this. I use yoga and meditation to help me to relax and to also cleanse my mind and spirit in between readings. I find that sitting by the water with my dogs is very uplifting and that the water cleanses by spirit.


I have been doing readings and spiritual work for the last 40 plus years. I also do Chakra balancing. I do spiritual work to remove negative energy that may have been placed on you through someone else. I also teach how to do spiritual healing through meditation. I have worked with different ministries and other venues to help people with the problems that they are going through right now. I am constantly studying and going to different classes to further my gift. I feel that if I do that I can give my clients the best possible outcome to their situation. I have also worked for a lot of different organizations and programs to help the people that they have walking in the door. I also in my spare time I teach people how to further their gifts and take them to the next level spiritual. I use karma cards and tarot cards in some of my readings. I also connect with your spirit to reveal to you the things that you may have missed. I do not give out time frames because other people and issues can influence them.

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