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Hello! Welcome to my page! A little about me, I have always had a connection to the spiritual plane and have decided to work with that and have focused my abilities on the cards. I prefer to work with tarot, it's like an extension of myself. I am never more comfortable and open than I am when I am working with the cards. If I have your name and a clear question - if we need to clarify before we ask we can! - I can help answer, guide and assist in your present and future. While we can't change the past we can always work to improve our future to get the outcome we want and see what is blocking us from achieving these things! Never settle! Always question, grow and move forward. Let me help you achieve your dreams or clarify issues you may be having now. There is no reason to stay complacent, unhappy or unclear on your life or situation. Life is for the living! Let me help you take control and enjoy your life to the fullest!


Sage has been reading tarot cards actively for 10 years. She decided to continue her journey to reach people here. Sage uses tarot cards, oracle cards and gypsy witch cards to dive into all of your questions. Different decks help read different scenarios better than others, sometimes they get combined for a clearer, deeper understanding of a situation. Sage has always been an empath that decided to follow the direction of using her clairvoyant abilities to advise people however she can. Since then many people have come for direction, answers, and help and Sage has always been there for them. Career questions? Relationship questions? General help with life direction? There are many ways these can be looked into with proper wording, clear questioning, and clear answers! The more focused you re the more focused the reading will be. If you need direction, help or advice don't hesitate to get in touch with Sage today!

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Feb 24, 2021
OMG Amazing! very accurate and kind
Aug 31, 2019
Very good reading
Aug 27, 2019
it was okay i didnt get my answers clearly. i was asking for what he feels and thinks. i know exactly what im in and what i know. I want something I dont know.
Aug 26, 2019
Excellent reader, very positive. Thank you.
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