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I am a fourth generation intuitive. I can give you Christian answers to heart troubling questions. I have been a professional reader giving readings helping clients to find peace of mind and soul.  If you are at wits end and in need of honest direction please give me a call and let my Angel Shashunda and 3 spirit guides, Edward, Keith and Belinda help you find true peace.  I also help law enforcement in several states to resolve cold cases.  So, give me a call.  Let’s get started in solving your deepest heart felt questions.Love and hope awaits you.I am a born psychic. I have been reading professionally for most of my life. I specialize in love and relationships, Soulmate/Twin Flame relationships, unwanted spirits, career. I work with law enforcement on crimes. Some of my gifts include:Clairsentience (Feeling others emotions) Clairaudience (Clear hearing of those beyond) Clair Cognizance (Clear seeing of the beyond) Clairvoyance (Intuitive knowledge of people and objects)  


I have been a psychic reader for others since my childhood. Not until my adulthood have a read for hire. I have been providing Psychic Readings on the internet for 8 years. Over those 8 years I acquired over 16,000+ clients who called me back on a fairly regular basis and left positive 5 star written feedbacks. I would love the chance to give you a reading today. I absolutely love what I do because it helps others to have clarity in problem areas of their lives. Some of my gifts include: Clairsentience (Feeling others emotions), Clairaudience (Clear hearing of those beyond), Clair Cognizance (Clear seeing of the beyond), Clairvoyance (Intuitive knowledge of people and objects)


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