Sharon Martin


My name is Sharon And I have been a psychic since I was a child and doing this professionally for 34 years. When I Was A Child I began having experiences such as astral projection , while I sleep I would see things that haven't happen yet when I got a little older I was able the sense spirits around me and the people I'm in contact with I realized I had a gift I then began mastering the art of the Tarot Cards and And crystal chakras I then stood 2 years withmy Cherokee Indian relatives practicing my craft Theb I stood 10 months in Tibet Trying to understand why I was given this gift. After that I was able to spiritually help myself and others. When I help someone, i feel as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders, I specialize in all matters of the heart. Also I specialize in career past lives dream interpretation and and chakra balancing...Would Love To Hear From You Soon..


I have been featured in the New Yorker in the 90s. Voted best psychic in New York. I have helped hundreds of peoples professionally since I was 16 years old...

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