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Psychic Shannon


Want to know if they love you? Are they cheating on you? Will they return to you? Ask me and I will help you find the answers to all of your relationship questions. I will also help you get the love you deserve, not just what you have settled for in the past. First and foremost, I'm a tarot reader. I am a compassionate reader, but I won't sugarcoat the messages I receive. I will share with you what the cards share with me. I'm also an empath and can often get a good feeling about who someone is and what they are feeling, even though the internet and especially through chatting. Finally, I'm clairsentient. This is the ability to feel the past, present, or future emotional states without the use of the normal five senses. I'm "sensitive" to emotions and energy, a skill I've often used for paranormal investigation. It is this skill that gives me the input I need to perform tarot readings and energy work. I know it can be a little intimidating to reach out to a reader and pay for a reading. I want you to be comfortable with what I offer and what you will receive when you book a reading with me. I will first take a moment to meet and greet you, giving you a chance to let me know who you are and what you're seeking. Then, we'll dive right into your questions and get started on the readings you need. Expect me to share everything I receive so you can get the full story.


I started reading tarot for clients in a small shop in a flea market in North Carolina almost 20 years ago. I fell in love with the ability to help people through the messages I received on the cards. Since then, I've continued to read in person, but have shifted my focus to reading online to reach and help more people. I tend to use highly image-based tarot decks for my readings as opposed to the traditional Rider-Waite deck. I find it easier to connect with the cards and the person for whom I am reading when the cards offer more imagery than the Rider-Waite deck does. I'm also a talented energy worker. I've worked with energy, such as chakras and reiki since I was 8 years old. This was another skill I began using in-person and transitioned to online and at a distance. I've helped many people work out imbalances in their lives with this skill. Energy is so important to your soulmate's journey. If you are out of alignment with your soulmate partner, you extend the time it takes for you to connect with them. Let me help you align with them by aligning your energy, your mindset, and your heart with your soulmate partner. 

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thanks once again Shannon
was great wish I had more time thank you so much, and he share everything to his family and everything ever so often he show me his feelings
Please dear, send me free min! PLEASE! Thank you so much!!!🤗❤️🙏🏻
I ran out sorry Shannon but thank you
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