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Spiritual Reading


Greetings universe travellers. I'm a spiritual counsellor whose gift comes from a natural intuition bolstered with wisdom gained as a scholar and practitioner of various spiritual frameworks – religious, philosophical, esoteric. Consult me about matters that are very important to you, whether it is regarding a choice about your future, how to deal with your current situation, a dilemma, or a specific question about finance, career, family, or love. Whatever your problem, my perspective may be helpful. Take note that I don't work with a crystal ball so don't expect me to predict the future. I work by understanding your circumstance first before I can offer help, so please be patient with my questions while keeping an open mind and heart. I might not say what you want to hear but whatever your situation, my mission is to assist you with your inquiry. You can feel at ease with me as I am honest, confident, and will bring peaceful energy to our session.


After a revelation fifteen years ago, at the height of my rationalism as a scientist, that showed me that reality was more than what science can explain, I turned towards a spiritual life that brought about a profound inner transformation. From that point forward my life's purpose began to change to fervently do the will of God and help people see truth, relating their circumstance to esoteric wisdom, religious philosophy, or spiritual teaching that is relevant and meaningful to them. I have helped many people who have been in despair simply by listening, connecting to them on a deep level, and facilitating the emergence of their inner wisdom. My sense of divine insight did not come just from walking a spiritual path as I am educated in the fields of Religion (BA), Consciousness Studies (MA), and Applied Psychology (Dip). I integrate these different forms of knowing as an “intellectual intuitive”.

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Oct 27, 2018
he is good in analysing and suggesting but need more insights from him
Oct 25, 2018
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