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I manage the energy of the chakras, making our body the first temple, always in union with all the positive energies of the universe to be able to complete the mission of the life of each person who want my help. I am a specialist in themes of love, money, soulmates and a stability in the life of each individual, using our first temple as the major forces and using the messages of the great teacher God, I use the colors that each of the chakras could emit, the correct direction of each chakra bring a spiritual development of the person, I do readings with numerology, tarot, the art of yoga, the reading of the candles, I also have knowledge in reading the tobacco, the crysta balll, reading of the energies transmitted by plants and animals. I have a very strong spiritual development and know how to guide each one of people who want an evolution and spiritual development and know how to solve the conflicts of the day to day.


Since I was ten years I started the implementation of yoga and breathing exercises in my daily life, creating my first bases in the fields of chakra exercises, handling yin and yang, numerology, evolution of eternal life, meditation as a fundamenta topic, I am implementing techniques such as the reading of cigar or tobacco, the communication of plants and their fundamental energy, I am a person who works with totally experiences the fundamental energy of each of the living beings positively that can be in harmony with the mind, spirit and soul, in addition the development of Dhyana (being), Sadhana (the way) and Samady (the goal), techniques of yoga that help us reach our goals, both spiritual and material in this astral plane and allows us a very broad evolution of our whole being and the power to help each person who requires it and being able to find total happiness, such as self-love and the love of others, in addition I give clear messages using the love of the universe and the spirits of light, I am a very good counselor in all areas of life.

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she is a really nice girl . you can feel her good vibes and humble energies
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