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Tarot reading, love and relationships, pendulum, reiki healing, unconditional love, respect and inspiration. I keep you strong even when you are really disappointed, insecure or feel there is no chance to change your situation. I strongly believe in you, in your natural force, intelligence and greatness. All you need is a clear guide to understand what is really happening in your life, why it serves you, and how to take advantage of it, how you can change it or let it go and be free and happy again. My personal experience is that hard situations lead to the greatest opportunities to grow and find our own and unique way, the sense of our existence. Take this exciting journey with me, let me help you at your first step on your way to have a deeper insight into your life. You are not alone, not for a single day in your life. It’s really important to understand who are the people around you, what can you expect from them, who are the ones really love or hate you, who cheat on you. I will never mislead you and tell nice words about someone who manipulates you. My readings are sincere for you and for your well being and happiness. Don’t feel lonely, trust in yourself, your inner voice, your natural emotional intelligence. If you need help, I’m here for you, I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Love and blessing


I’ve been helping people with spiritual coaching for years. My first experience comes from my childhood. I continuously was searching for signs and responses to how the universe works. 10 years ago a clear sign was sent to me showing what to do and how to do. Since then I’ve been on this guided path, experiencing deeper and deeper the universal force and energy. I began to study and work with theta healing, reiki and spiritual response techniques, based on my inner call. I help people with Tarot reading, pendulum and reiki healing to find their own life path and get answers to questions. I didn’t choose this path to live on, it was the path to choose me to be able to help people around me, give motivation, pure guide and energy to live a happy life. I strongly believe and experience day by day the ancient knowledge and power of Tarot. Its energy gives a good vibration to my soul and a clear guide to my mind. It works all the time conveying pure messages to handle our lives in the right way and change situations around us. My mission is to keep you strong however hard your situation is and show you your natural beauty, greatness, energy and intelligence. You are made of love, energy and light.

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Sep 2, 2020
thanks Serena...
Gosh I wanna know
Sep 2, 2020
thanks alot dear... I would like to know more.. do you mind sparing me mins pls
Sep 1, 2020
Aug 31, 2020
she is so amazing and accurate, gave me great insight and was very honest ❤️❤️
Aug 25, 2020
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