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Spend 5-10 minutes with me and change your love situation today! You'll see and feel the power. In the over 40 years I've counseled other's, my feedback remains stellar relationship magic happens. I have what's been called a 'soothing tone' and I love to jump into someones spirit and feel as if I were them so I can understand all their concerns. Before you finish our phone call or chat, your energy will be raised. Blocks can be removed that you didn't know you had because I am inside your spirit and I can see for you. I can transfer energy through the written word using automatic writing and picture drawings, and with thought, I can transfer energy as in 'vibe'. We all know we can feel vibe right? It's true. All successful people have a gift of being able to see things, right? Are you a visionary? I know you wish to 'see'. Allow me to train you on formulating 'mind recipes', and use concepts you have never heard of before that are working for others and that will help you clear your path so you can also see the outcome. Not magic, no hocus pocus just pure thoughts that you can transfer to someone who isn't even near you, and that they will receive as their own thoughts so as to direct change in their spirit so they take action on the new things they are feeling. Time and again world famous people contact me for advice It's also an honor when a grandmother calls concerned about her grandchild. All people live in the same realm in my mind because we all share the same set of emotions. All I need is a brief physical description so I can visualize you. I use no tools, only the energy I read from you, and with little information, I can direct you by proving our connection first - so you build trust in me. From a young age, I have been giving paid, professional advice to others. My direction is from the angels who are all around me, the subtle messages they send I see because I have trained myself on angelic purpose and the reason they were given to us - to guide and protect all creation but mainly human's we are their gift. In my study of the angels - I've learned some powerful truths and because of it, I have been richly blessed in life. Allow me to share my gift - so that you too can be richly blessed and at peace - once and for all time - at peace.


Although I prefer using no tools and read your energy and to confirm what I feel I pull from and angel tarot deck to see your past, present, and future. I learned to read the tarot cards at the tender young age of 8, along with intense, religious and cultural studies throughout my plus 50 years of life including metaphysics I am a compassionate lightworker and energy-healer as well as educated in geography and archeology. Well traveled and studied at various locations around the world, in the 80's receiving an associate's degree in Early Elementary Ed, studying psychology, into the 90's owning a portrait studio along with starting and raising a family and involved in various community projects, always a spiritual guide to those I meet. I worked the psychic phone lines as a top adviser with huge success in the late 80's up until this day. I look forward to giving you the answers you need.

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