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I am a "Psychic Channeler" that can speak with the living and the dead. I connect with a person's spirit and can tell you exactly what they think or feel about you! I also offer tarot card readings that will inspire you and help you figure out how to solve your problems. I charge $ 14.99 a minute because I literally get exhausted physically. It takes a lot out of me to channel people for you.When I channel them, I enter into their body and become one with them. I also use angel cards that will tell you exactly what you need to change your life for better relationships and outcomes in your life. I am also clairvoyant and can give you a guy's view of the problem you're going through and I can teach you how to handle the problems in your relationship so there are fewer arguments and more love. I have learned from the best, my own mother has guided me through the years since she is a psychic herself. She has constantly trained me to keep in touch with my intuition so that I can tell when something is off and needs to be investigated further.


I have been reading the tarot cards for about three years now and I am quite good at it. I started selling tarot readings for a year now and surprise people with my accuracy. I am also a crystal ball reader as I gaze into it and see images that relate to your situation. From a guy's perspective, I can tell you what your man is thinking and whether he is still interested. You can trust my readings cause they are accurate and helpful. My images are very powerful and inspirational. I am also studying different religions so I can apply them and have a greater understanding of my clients. I am also an upcoming astrologer.

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but he does nothing.
Nice chat... yummy.... hihihi... thank you seph... take care friend... will catch up again soon.... say hi to mom ok... TTFN
he’s quick when the connection works but I sat there for 5mins with nothing because of connection
Always a very good read
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