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My services include tarot and oracle card readings, pendulum dowsing, crystal readings, and Astrology. I use these tools to show you a path that you can follow to better your life. These tools have been given to me by the Angels and my Spirit Guides in order to help people and to lead them in the right direction. I can divine anything that you need to know or ask about using my services. I am also a Psychic Medium and I can connect with your long lost loved ones.Ask away, and I will find the answers and lead you to your life's purpose!


I have been doing Psychic Readings officially for ten years now. I have always made my clients happy by giving them the advice and answers that they are not only seeking but that they need. This started as soon as I started doing Readings. I also realized (when I realized that I was a Psychic Empath) that I had been giving Readings and counseling to friends, family, and even strangers since I was a little girl.  I have practiced my gifts and honed them well over the past ten years, and I plan to just keep getting better. I am here for you, I am here to give you what you need. Whatever you need to ask or know, just ask me, and I will help you find the way.

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