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Advisor Selene
Advisor Selene
Tarot Cards
Advisor Selene


If you are looking for fast, non-judgemental and accurate tarot readings I am here to help!  

I aim to assist you to gain clarity regarding love dilemmas, career issues, relationship questions, and many other life situations. I mainly use tarot cards as they get to the heart of the matter quickly, but I can also look into astrology if you require a longer, more in-depth reading. ✨

If you need someone empathic to listen to you and try and make sense of things - I am here to help. The tarot can help us assess different paths available to us and allow us to make informed decisions. During the reading, I can look at past, present, and future influences and possible outcomes. 

I am unable to answer medical, legal, or financial questions. I also prefer not to do timing readings because timelines are always changing due to individual free will. Specific questions work best. 

 If you are confused and seeking guidance you have come to the right place. I look forward to hearing from you. 


Experienced tarot reader, astrologer, karmic astrology, Hellenistic (traditional) astrology. I have also studied symbolism which can be applied to dream interpretation. I use intuition and psychic ability to interpret tarot cards and oracle cards. In particular, I enjoy using plant and animal oracle decks. I can use the pendulum for yes/ no questions. Numerology is also a useful tool I use for divination. I have completed a Hellenistic astrology course, psychic development courses, and tarot courses. 

Before working as a tarot reader, I was an osteopath so I am trained to be a good listener and used to working with clients to problem-solve. My life experience is varied and so feel I can relate to many types of situations people face. I have read for many different types of people from all walks of life, all different ages and backgrounds. 

Tarot and astrology can be useful to help make sense of situations and work out what course of action to take. These tools can offer guidance but ultimately we have to take responsibility for our own decisions. 

 I also believe some things are outside of our control - the age-old topics of fate and free will! ✨

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