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Seer Cassandra


Greetings fellow seekers! I am the Seer Cassandra. Born of a line of faith healers and mystical dreamers, I have decided to offer my Sight as a help and Bright Light in dark times. Through Tarot and Intuition I will See You and the paths that lay ahead for you. I will see the balance you hold between Earth and Spirit. With my Gift of Clear Sight I will See your Truth though fears and doubts cloud your vision. I will hold space for you here, and on the etheric planes, as we explore your Truth and Opportunities. I will read the signs and symbols in the cards of the Thoth Tarot and together, without judgement or fear, we will find your path. Whether you seek answers to specific questions or simply a mirror to better know thyself, I will read your energy and act as a guide. In Romance, Work, or Family, simply open yourself to the possibilities and we will find the answers you seek. Call now and join me to find your peace of mind.


As a child I dreamed dreams and knew things I could not have known, except for the Sight. I sought knowledge in many books on mysticism and the occult and found many teachers. I have pressed the boundaries on my gifts over decades and discovered that my Intuition is strong. I have inherited strong gifts of spiritual healing through my mother's bloodline. As a Seer and a Certified Reiki practitioner, I perceive people and situations through Intuitive Energy Reading. By Clairvoyance I See Truth far and near. I am especially sensitive to the subtleties of those in Transition. If you are facing choices and changes and your path is not clear to you, I can help. I read tarot using the Thoth Crowley deck. I also read tea leaves, eggs, and colored water. As above, so below, let's look at your Truth together. Call now ^_^.

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seer thank you ! good insights !
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