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Love Psychic Sebastian
Love Psychic Sebastian
Love & Relationships
Love Psychic Sebastian



💔 Is he/she cheating?❓  Will he/she come back?💕 Twin flame? 💞 Soul mate? 


Candle Burning Love Spell!!! My TOP selling service!!! ⭐🌟

I can help you find clarity and help guide you through anything from feelings your partner might have. 

Are they cheating? How is your future looking with a certain someone or career-wise?  I can help you with romance and any love situation. 

I come from a very spiritual family. it's always been a gift to see into the future and to pick up certain aspects of people. I've secretly put myself to the test many times and I am always right. 

I can easily help you understand anything bothering you. So ask away and let's help you understand what you need to know.🙏🕯🔮


When it comes to the experience I have so much to say. I have been putting myself through multiple tests throughout my life trying to figure people and situations out. 

I did this to confirm whether I have a gift. I get a certain feeling when it comes to people and it's like I can see into them. I get this urge to speak to them and try to help them fill in the gaps they need help with. 

Many of my friends and family members come to me for advice and come with multiple questions seeking answers and I'm always there and I am always available for them. 

Sometimes I can sense when they are coming and it's not difficult at all. As I said, it flows naturally and smoothly. I don't have to think too hard or try too hard. 

I sense something in people and the answers flow to my mind and I convert it into my language and guide them

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25 min ago
I'm saying before they were, why did he act like he was gonna choose me then chose her?
30 min ago
She is all he cares about and his world revovles around her. She is purposely doing this
Sep 25, 2022
Sep 25, 2022
Sep 25, 2022
Okay I just got super depressed about him last night cuz of seeing those things
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