I am a Psychic Medium.. Psychic as I predict your future,the situation you are in  now and let you know what the best outcome is for you..Are you stuck in a relationship and you dont know what to do?? A career or a money situation?? I can help you with clear guidance and understanding and help you to find the right path to a new start!!Good or bad news, I DONT SUGAR COAT! just the real truth and as I work with you I send you distant Energy Healing as I am a Reiki Master and Crystal Healer..
I use all my tools inc my psychic oracle cards and crystals. Medium, I talk to the deceased and deliver messages you may have for them, any question you need answered from them.. This is my gift to you with a lot of accuracy, I am an Empath and genuinely care that I do the best possible job and I do this because I want to help people and animals.. I also specialise in numerelogy and can provide you with your lucky numbers.


4th Generation Psychic Medium, I provide you with readings from the past, now and the future. 
Psychic/Oracle/Tarot Cards.
Pendeleum/Crystals.. yes and no answers..
Reiki Master-Distant Healing which I co operate with my crystals for extra energy work.
Sound Healing Therapy (Distant also)
Clairaudience, Clairvoyence, Clairsentience
the tools I have to answer any questions you have for me..

All Specialties

Crystal Ball Parents and Children Angel Cards Relationship Advice Angel Readings Numerology Soulmates Clairvoyant Readings Mind Reading Spiritual Reading Shamans Karma and Past Life Psychic Reading Paranormal Phenomena Breakup and Divorce Cheating and Affairs Love and Sex Dating Advice Psychic Mediums Family Advice Other Tarot Cards Channeling




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