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Sean-The Love Advisor
Sean-The Love Advisor
Relationship Advice
Sean-The Love Advisor


 Are you soulmate, playmate or life mate? Is he/she cheating? Come to me to know the TRUTH. I am a third generation psychic medium, certified tarot reader, clairvoyant, empath and truly spirits guided. I discovered my natural abilities as even in my childhood as I used to talk with my angels and spirits guides. Many experiences led me here in this exact place where I am now with the perfection and my wide experience. I have 23 years vast experience as to help the people in all over the world especially in love, relationship, career and the matters related to the heart to get clarity in their difficult times and to direct them into the right path of happiness and prosperity. I also use my psychic tarot reading ability as to provide extreme accuracy in all of your burning questions. The deck I use for my readings is Voyager Tarot that is the best tarot deck to show how to achieve your visions and dreams and the results that you desire for. I can lead you towards the actual peace of mind as you really need. Every client is special and every reading is important and unique for me. I am a non judgmental psychic reader as I tell what the actual reality is. You will find me extremely accurate, truthful and honest in my readings. If you are a good listener of the truth then I am the right choice for you as I always reveal the truth either it is positive or negative. I will help you to tell what the others feel for you and how they intend to act into your life. Through my insights, I will help you to improve your path and your spiritual journey. I am specialized in love and relationship. You may ask anything related to your lover as to get the complete understanding regarding your love and the future. I am ready to guide those who are ready to get their inner light. Furthermore I am a reiki master that specializes in remote distant healing to the clients and also provide the quality energy work. Call me today for your better tomorrow.


I am natural born Clairvoyant,Remote viewer and spirits guided psychic having the record of extreme accuracy as well as the experience of 32 years. I don't claim as my predictions prove themselves. I will help you in making the right decisions for your ever lasting success. I will bring the clarity of mind to you in even the worst situations and will lead you towards the way of prosperity and light.

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thank you
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very wrong reading
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very good and detailed reading, will be back for sure
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