I use my empathic nature and third eye abilities to sense the vibrations people unknowingly send to the universe. I am one of the few that can sense not only how you feel, but the vibrations and intentions of those that have attached their energies to you. This is how I use my abilities to give advice on relationships, love, family matters, or any questions you have about other people in your life. When we both focus together anything can be answered accurately and you will be able to dicepher other peoples true intentions. I am an expert in analyzing dreams. I have extensive experience in finding the meaning behind the symbols of the subconscious mind. I have over a decade of experience in the subconscious, through hypnotherapy and past life regressions, courses in psychology and spirituality. Dreams are very powerful images from the subconscious mind and can tell you your deepest desires, your fears, and even your future.
**Today's Tarot Deck is Hermetic Tarot **


I am an intuitive healer by profession and nature. I specialize in the subconscious mind and the human energy field. My passion is helping others by using my gifts. People are amazed at how their life can change with a simple conversation with me. Many psychics can feel a person’s energy field but I can sense the energies and intentions of those closest to you and even those you have just met. This unique ability will give you a true reading and honest advice with questions to any relationship. My dream interpretations are sought out internationally. What I sense will be from you and you alone. I do not give generic answers that will pertain to everyone. I give specific interpretations that will leave you satisfied and happy that you finally have the answers to what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you. After seeking my assistance with relationships and dream intrepatition your life will be forever changed for the positive. Once you have your new fresh perspective and outlook on life you can heal and meet the future with the highest of vibrations and start living the life you are intended to.

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Direct and to the point, very intuitive. I highly recommend ScarletRose
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