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Satine Star

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🔮 Meet Satine Star: Embracing the Realm of Love and Destiny 🔮

I am Satine Star I am a highly intuitive Tarot reader who use's many tools and and energies to enhance our readings. I have helped 1,000's of customers on their journeys to gain insight and deep understanding of their unique situations and relationship's. I am a true empathic reader who believes there is always answers to discover. I can connect not only with your energy and the cards but the situations and people in your life. My goal is to provide as much detail as possible and show you the information the universe and your guides want you to connect with. I am an expert in tarot, pendulums, candle work, energy healing, herbs and crystal energy work and more. Ask me anything! I am very open and understanding.

💑 Love Spells: Illuminating the Path to Passion and Attraction 💑

As a love specialist, I hold the key to unlocking the secrets of love, passion, and attraction. Drawing upon a vast repertoire of ancient rituals and incantations, I craft potent and personalized love spells designed to ignite the flames of romance, mend broken bonds, and attract soulmate connections. With my deep understanding of the intricate dynamics of relationships, I empower individuals to navigate the intricate labyrinth of love with renewed confidence and clarity. You will be included in every step of the way and provided with many details to help enhance your energy work on a personal level. My goal is to make sure we set the energy in place but also keep that energy flowing!

🌟 Cleansing & Healing Spells: Bringing harmony and Release negative energy from your Aura🌟

 from time to time we all can get attachments that do not serve us and our higher self. Sometimes we take on to much energy or pain latches on from our past. I want to help you navigate this energy, detect it and its core and release it to free yourself from all that may be holding you back! All sessions start with a cleanse that will show us what is causing you to feel this energy and from there we can create a solid plan to release it from you. With my energy, your guides and the powerful energies from herbs, oils, crystals, rocks and minerals we can balance your aura and feed your soul to make sure you can be the most empowered version of yourself!

🌟 Experience the Power of Satine Star 🌟

With a wealth of knowledge spanning generations and an innate ability to harness the unseen forces that shape our lives, I stand as a beacon of light in the realm of love and relationships. By combining ancient wisdom, psychic intuition, and modern perspectives, I guide individuals towards love, fulfillment, and the path to their truest selves. Embrace this opportunity to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation, and unlock the boundless potential that lies within your heart.


With over 15 years of experience as a certified psychic in the USA and extensive training overseas, Satine Star has honed her mystical abilities to a remarkable level. Throughout her remarkable journey, she has conducted over 50,000 tarot layouts for individuals from all walks of life. Through her profound insights and guidance, Satine has assisted countless souls in finding true love and achieving balance in their lives. Her empathetic nature and innate understanding of the human heart have allowed her to connect deeply with her clients, illuminating their paths with wisdom and clarity. Satine Star's remarkable track record and unwavering dedication make her a trusted and sought-after guide for those seeking profound transformations in matters of love and personal fulfillment.




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