I'm the third generation in my family whos been spiritually gifted. My 3 guides and some of the archangels are my helping hands during my readings. As soon as I connect with you I'm starting to get a lot of information about everything. This makes it easy for you to ask your question or tell me about your situation or problem. Most of the time this isn't even necessary because everything I need to know is being told to me. I can see energies (aura) read them as well.(blocked flows, for example, your love life) This makes it easy for me to remove negative energy (also black magic can be removed) and transform this into positivity. So, in short, I can help you with almost everything from relationships to your career. Issues with your family, friends or co-workers, sexuality, dating etc. If you've been a victim of black magic I can help you as well and make protection for you so no harm can be done in the future


I've been doing readings for almost 12 years now. I started hearing messages since my 6th birthday. Helping people with my gift is a way of life for me because helping out people is what I love to do.  Though I'm not here to give you a false fairytale. I'm here for you to listen to you, advice and assist you in the most honest way I can. I'll show you the way even if you think there's no way left or no door open for you. If you're ready to get a change in your life and really want to overcome your difficulties in life and be happier and enjoy life more or want to know when to find that soulmate ? Get in touch with me and you'll experience it yourself  

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wonderful woman very good advice
straight to the points .. unbelievable what she picks up on .. brought tears to my eyes !
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