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Hi, my name is Marie! I am a natural born empath and psychic. When I do a reading with you I connect to the energy and I hear, see, and feel the answers to your questions. I am straight-forward and honest but also focus all my readings in compassion and kindness. I am great at going really deep into the energy and love to do spiritual detective work. I specialize in finding the underlying root causes of the disconnection or problems in the relationship whether it be a friend/family or a love relationship. I can do this with any area of life including money and work, twinflames, etc. I can also read pets. I am a medium as well and can connect with energies of those you love and also energy from other dimensions, past lives, etc. There’s so much more in this world than we can see with only our eyes and senses- I’m able to see past the outside and feel the energy and hearts of people and relationships. I love to listen and help give understanding. I am an energy transmitter and my goal is to help transmute and heal negative energy and help people connect themselves to Source and love. Humanity is good, we are all connected, and everything will be okay :) love always wins ❤️


I have loved and been drawn to my spiritual nature ever since I can remember. I am naturally very grounded in the earth and in unconditional love which is what we are as souls✨☀️ it is always the goal to connect back to Source and unconditional love. I am a natural empath, and have always been able to connect deeply with my own emotions and with those around me. It has taken me most of my life, and lots of learning and experience to be able to work with the emotions and energy I feel- to help transform and heal, but it is my calling and I love it. I love God and am committed to God and love above everything else! I love working with energy, and I do energy healing and receive psychic insight for myself, my family, and many others. I have spent the last 8 years doing light and shadow work- healing the shadow parts of myself and connecting them back to love. I have made it out of the deepest darkest parts of the soul- we all can do this. Really there is only love- all else is an illusion. My goal is to help clear away the clouds so love can shine through✨

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she’s great! she picked up on things right away. gave me a little hope. worth a reading!!
thank you so much. amazing read 💕
so great, go to her !! worth it
Elizabeth Vaughan
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