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Hi! My name is Marie. I love clarity, and I love empowering my clients. Personal power is my passion and always my goal for my clients. I can see and feel into the truth of the energy and situations presented to me. My readings begin by first connecting to my higher self and yours, our guides, and higher energies, and will always be done in the highest good. I use Tarot and Oracle cards, clairaudience, and clairvoyance to gain more insight into your situation and questions. My readings are fun, empowering, loving, and truthful. Please be ready with specific questions or areas of life you’d like me to look into. I have developed deep insights into human psychology and can use that as well as empathic, and clairvoyant insight to help you release blocks to your career, love, and relationships. Time frames are not my specialty, but I will ask and share what I receive. Since I live from my heart, the messages I receive and deliver are loving and uplifting. I have studied and practiced many different energy healing modalities which I will share with you as well! I love clarity and I love to help provide that for my clients. My goal as a reader is to help you release fear and blocks in order to allow more love, happiness, and peace to flow into your life. I'd love to work with you xxo


I have loved and been drawn to spirituality ever since I can remember! Being a natural empath, I have always been able to connect deeply with my own emotions and with those around me. I came here being able to "see" and feel the emotions of others which has given me understanding and compassion for all of us! I've spent the past few years of my life full-time developing my spiritual gifts and psychic abilities. I have being doing readings for over a year now, work on multiple platforms, and have been able to connect more and more deeply to my psychic abilities and connection with spirit and my guides. I connect quickly to energy, and in the highest good and the help of spirit and high beings, can also heal and clear blocks or fear, etc. when requested. I can read the energy of those connected to you, as well as your home, work, pets, the area you live in, etc.

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Loved her- able to answer questions fast, zoomed right in felt super connected. Highly recommend!
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