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Hi my name is Marie! I am a natural born empath and psychic. When I do a reading with you I connect to your energy and I hear, see, and feel the answers to your questions. My approach is honest and straight-forward, and also compassionate and non-judgmental. I can read job situations, love, divorce, twinflames, soul-mates, family, etc. I am a medium as well and can connect with energies of those you love and also energy from other dimensions, past lives, etc. Please have specific questions ready because I will tune into the energy of your question, and see, hear and feel the answers! Sometimes thing happen and emotions can be overwhelming, or things that cannot be explained so easily. I love to help bring clarity to those situations or events, and know that everything will be ok :) You will learn and grow and become more of yourself! I am a healer and can bring healing energy into your reading with me as well. I look forward to reading with you! xxo


I have loved and been drawn to my spiritual nature ever since I can remember. I am a natural empath, and have always been able to connect deeply with my own emotions and with those around me. It has taken me most of my life, and lots of learning and experience to be able to work with the emotions and energy I feel- to help transform and heal, but worth it 100%. I love working with energy! I do energy healing and receive psychic insight for myself, my family, and many others. I have worked on multiple platforms, and I am excited to work with you here as well. Before each reading I connect to a neutral, loving space, and will always share with you the information I receive. I will always ask before giving advice. I connect quickly, and if you'd like, and with love and the help of my guides etc, can also heal and clear energy blocks or fear

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Elizabeth Vaughan
She is wonderful knows what she's talking about and a sweet heart. Definitely try her out she's worth it.
shes outstanding xoxox
Excellent reading, she was fast and I felt her connection right away. Direct answers to all my questions with uncanny details! I loved her - I will be back !
although Marie seems like a nice enough person - I gained absolutely nothing from a reading with her. she was totally grasping and eventually giving vague random answers. bummer.. I had high hopes that she would be legit.
xoxoox shes beautifuk!
please tell me....I hope your right
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