Sandie Camara psychic reading expert

Sandie Camara


When you are at a crossroads let me help you gain the insight and clairty you need to restore peace to your life.
Using a psychic link, cards or dousing to help read. I can connect with out or without tools, using clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance to receive messages both from spirt and psychically.

 I am known to be able to describe people and places and although some may call this remote veiwing I believe it is being able to view remotely rather than CRV like the Navy psychics use.

I am known for not sugar coating or giving you false hope. I tell it like it is as I believe when you are confused or usure of what path to follow you need the truth to be able to move forwards to a more positive place.

 I am a Reiki master and also do Past Life Regression and Spiritual development. I am an NLP certified Intuitive coach who loves seeing others achieve thier personal best.


I have been working as a Intuitive psychic for 25 years often coming up with names or relevant dates for the person I am reading for. I can connect with Spirit when they 'jump in' and will give you whatever information or messages they have for you.My journey of discovery had led me to investigate the paranormal and I have been part of live broadcast psychic investigations coming up with obscure information the historians had to dig to find but were able to confirm what I had given.I have appeared as a feartured guest on a local radio show and have been interviewed by an international web based broadcaster. 


Amazing I will come again
Thank you! I will call you again soon :)
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