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Feeling low on energy? Need a surge of vitality? Need help with any life situation whether it be relationship, love, career, money, health, or spiritual path? With the help of my guides, I am able to give you an amazing psychic healing as well as some more insight into all areas of your life. During my readings your overall health will improve by checking the chakras, while creating more alignment and harmony for greater flow of energy and vitality. Often times we are overwhelmed with thinking that we have to make all of the decisions of our life path and are burdened with the stress of this, not realizing that the right path is already there and only needs to be revealed to us. I am your direct connection to the spiritual world, to find the answers that you are seeking. I can help lead you to the doors of your life that are opening up for you, coming into the future. For more clarity in all life situations, please give me a call today!! I wish you love, light, and peace always! ~ Beloved Sana


From a very young age my abilities were very apparent. I have worked closely with two teachers my whole life while growing up which helped me to develop my psychic abilities, and they passed down to me the ability to give healings. I am a 3rd generation psychic, channel, and clairvoyant. I was able to connect to my guide when I became a little older, and was even able to have actual conversations with my guide. From the moment that I was able to connect with my guide I was able to see more clearly into the future, and was able to connect them to my friends and family. Then, was able to do readings at local spiritual shops and for all. I can help find the path that is already opening up to the seekers that seek the truth. I am one with the path, I am one with the truth. For the true path will always reveal itself through clarity and light from beyond!

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