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hello and welcome to my page I'm Samantha I've been a psychic and clairvoyant and  Claireaudient for about 15 years now   I can feel the persons energy's and vibrations and give you direct answers to your questions   I guide to my clients to a full and happy life   I do not sugarcoat and I'm not  judgmental   I will give you my 100% honesty what I see good or bad    If you been searching for answers and still  haven't received  them  now is the time to open new doors that you never knew existed   Call today for better tomorrow many blessings  


when I was younger I felt I was very different then others I would ask questions to my friends and family about if they feel and see things the way I do.  I was scared to say the word psychic but  I was told that my great grandmother  was gifted  so I new I was here to help people in many different ways. I have 15 years of experience  I would love to help you  in any walks of life ... 


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