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<p>John Sergio</p>

John Sergio

Relationship Problems
<p>John Sergio</p>


Expert Tarot reader with 28 years of background in energy healing, paranormal and manifestation techniques. I am sensitive to all energies and hold duality in spirit. My spirit guide assists in directing me to the message you may need to hear. I have several tarot decks, each spirit bonded with their purpose along with a few oracle decks that I will use to provide action items and solutions to focus on after the tarot reading is complete. You will have truth and clarity presented to you along with a plan of action and recommendations to assist in your success. Always with compassion, light and love, the message being delivered is specifically for you. You not only have a psychic when working with me. You have a success coach, spirit connection, instructor and guide. My journey began back in 1994 and has lead me to you. All subject matters are permitted and no inquiry is too taboo. I work well with Dark energy, there is no shame in our shadow work. Let me get you on the road to energy healing.


My intuitive abilities developed a young age. I have always been able to pull knowledge and insight in times when needed the most from unknown places. Always taking a compassionate and fair stance, I deliver the message that needs to be heard with accuracy using tarot, intuitive insight, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience (meaning I can see, hear and feel beyond normal sense). As a trained empath, I am able to work with my clients to read into their feelings and provide the best solutions to complex problems. An expert in love and relationships, twin flame journey, soulmates, relationship potential, and connections, I can provide growth opportunities for partners or seek out the over-all potential of success for you and a partner. A great psychic reading will reveal possible futures but the best ones work in the present with the current events, feelings and situations to provide insight, growth and action. You can change the future with your current actions and desires. We all have the ability to make the future bright and change our course of path. This is what my gifts are for. This helps to set goals, create deeper understanding, make critical choices or provide piece of mind. By the time we are finished with our reading, we will have a course set for you that will bring about the changes you want to see moving forward. Using my multiple tarot decks and oracle cards, we can highlight areas for growth or areas where we need to let go and allow energy to flow freely so the universe may take action for you. An Expert in visualization and meditation, we can also build relaxing techniques that will bring you insight in times of need. Friendly to all sexual orientations, religions, cultures, and topics, all questions and insight are permitted. I can teach you how to raise your vibration to attract what you are needing in your life right now by cleansing energy and relationship cords or by learning where to leave behind what is not serving your. Gain strength, insight, and a compassionate guide that will walk you through the message you need to hear.

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Feb 18, 2021
thank you ! great insight and advice !
Feb 8, 2021
Feels like your reading is slapping my face for not really admit that I work really hard and am being hard to myself. Now that you mentioned it, I should really realize that and try to not push myself too hard on my own job. Well, just to let you know, what stressing me out is that I work as a geriatric nurse in senior facility and in a country which language is totally different from mine and not english too. Stressful, it is :') Thanks for the insights, really appreciate it.
Dec 13, 2020
Dec 3, 2020
Dec 1, 2020
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