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Relationship Problems


Sage the wise one as the saying goes. Yes, I am wise, not only because I use my intuitive proness but because I am able to see what you at this given moment in your life will be unable to comprehend from your point of view. You will be in stress, pain or uninclined to follow your own sage advice. Or you may well just need to hear another point of view be it logically said or intuitively given. Why would anyone seek advice then if we are all capable of running our lives? Simple answer to that question is because we all need help somewhere along the line. We do not always see what we so desperately need to see. Nor do we trust our purpose or intuition, so as humans we just need that little bit of extra help. Sometimes it is the little things which give us the greatest perspective on life. Yet we in that given moment are unable to see them. We are stuck, we are hurting, we are just in a space or place that is not feeling good or right. It is or seems as though we are at a cross road in our life. And either one could be the wrong choice to make. That is where I can be of assistance to you. To bring you that perspective, it may be huge and not small at all but I will be able to assist you. Again I say there is nothing wrong with asking for help. Helping is what I strive to do for you. I will give my best to be of assistance to you in your time of need. Your uniqueness is what is important to me, and with that uniqueness comes the point that no answer I give you will be the same for anyone else because as unique as you are so will your answer from me be only for you. You will receive from me that which pertains to you. Unique and unequivocally only meant for your ears. You can be certain that you are important in that given moment in time to me where we are one and I see you for who you are and give you the unique answer to your unique question. I will strive to bring back the positive in your life with the answers I receive just for you. You are special and you are unique and that is something which you need to always remember, as I am well aware of your specialness.


Why would you want advice from me Sage? Probably because I am wise beyond my years. What experience do I bring to you dear friend? Life experience. Though it goes beyond that. I can use the tarot cards to give you unique answers, I can use my intuitive powers to tune into special answers that are meant for your ears only. I also bring to the table, experience of aiding and assisting many people through their life crisis in other ways too. I life coached and still do at times (for close friends) so I understand the fears and the anguishes that you may well be feeling at this given moment in your life. We are human living a human experience but more importantly though, in the realm of spirit and God there is an existence and wealth of knowledge that at any given time I am able to connect with. This is to best serve you in your given situation.

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Mar 13, 2018
sage please help with few minutes I need to get some clarity speaking to you on how to deal with this
Mar 13, 2018
I’ll be right back sage
Mar 8, 2018
Mar 7, 2018
sage sorry I got disconnected, please help me with few minutes this reading is very helpful for me to decide !
Mar 7, 2018
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