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You have questions and I can help you with the answers! I am here to consult with you for guidance regarding what matters to you most at this particular time. I utilize various tools and methods depending upon your personal situation and question(s) including Astrology, Numerology, Cardology (ancient system from Atlantis), as well as various other card divination systems, my pendulum, dice, and stones. Do you just need a hug? We can do that, too! While we do not always get the answers we want, we always get the answers we need. I am here to help you with both in a direct and caring manner, no matter what your situation in life is at this time. I provide honest and straightforward answers in a simple fashion with no sugar coating. If you want to delve deeper, we can certainly do that, too. Your time is valuable and so is mine. Call me so we can start our journey together!


The short answer to "about me" is that I've been to Oz and back. A condensed longer answer follows on this page. I was recently asked when I first became interested in astrology and what inspired me. Without a doubt it was Linda Goodman's book "Sun Signs" in about 1972. The book was purchased by my mother while with her BFF at the time (before or after they went to a psychic, I am unsure; however, most definitely during her tenure as “Mrs. Hospitality” at the First Baptist Church in our small hometown). I also put up my first astrology poster at about that time, although it was forcibly removed. I "dabbled" in astrology off and on through the '80s and '90s, but usually returned to "the church" in the most desperate of times. I was also exposed to regular playing cards since my earliest memories of sitting under a table playing with my dolls while my parents played endless hours of bridge. The cards were to be hidden, of course, whenever the preacher and his family came for a visit. The only answer I was ever given as to why the preacher would be offended was that they were associated with everything else that was evil including dancing, drinking, and sex. This, of course, prompted much investigation in later years and eventually led me to creating my own crude “oracle deck” of biblical quotes on index cards before I was even aware of oracle card decks. I wish I still had Linda G's book, but it was burned during my "Holy Roller Days," which seemed only proper after my cousin destroyed his extensive Elvis record collection for the ministry (and as praised by my father). ️I "picked up astrology" again about 20 years ago along with my “intense” biblical studies and later destroyed my biblical oracle deck shortly after that, which seemed only fitting since I was leaving the church for good at that time after living a life subjected to all the hidden truths of Christianity and what it really meant to those who did not succumb to, nor question, that very questionable authority. My hope at this time is to share the knowledge and wisdom gained through my journey so that it may help others avoid needless pain and suffering, and to particularly enable other seekers who have been silenced for whatever reason, as well as to empower individuals to move forward in their lives.

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