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Hello from Mike and thanks for passing by! I was born in UK and trained as a UK spiritual medium. My work called me to Vienna Austria to assist the multi cultural society living here. From an early age I am able to see Spirit with my physical eye, this gift remains with me. As a consequence of this I am blessed with the gifts of channeling, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and clairgustance. Naturally this has enhanced my psychic gifts of reading energy around people and in their texts. This is especially important for my work as an intuitive councillor. I do not use cards or other tools as my guides present the information for me to pass on to you in various ways. No one method is used. I rely solely on my communication with the higher realms and the psychic energy around the problem. I know the information received will come from the best source possible to guide you through your dilemma’s. Should you wish to work with me, there will be no judgment or assumptions on my part or that of my guides. My style of readings is honest, straightforward, positive with compassion. I look forward working with you Mike


Greetings everyone and thank you for stopping in. You are most welcome here in a compassionate and non-judgemental environment. I offer insight into your dilemma’s using the gift of channeling, clairvoyance or psychic abilities.
Using my psychic gift I can tap into the energy around you and see where there are blockages that prevent you from achieving your goals, this is also a great technique in helping you resolve paranormal issues, which is my specialty. I am very experienced in paranormal phenomena helping people with psychic attacks, spells and unwelcome energy in the house. I also have the gift of connecting with the higher realms who quite often come in with advice. Although sometimes the guidance offered may not be what you want to hear, and sometimes time lines are not possible to predict with surety -the reading will be truthful and uplifting so that you will feel empowered. You can't change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails to reach your destination.




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