Intuitive Spiritual Counselor, Parapsychologist, Life Coach you CAN depend on with over 44 years active experience, to guide you in areas most important to you. Born with natural gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairscentience, remote viewing, and empath. Medical Intuitive; Medical Medium; Physician Assistant; Cardiac Technician; Metaphysician; Health and Life Coach. SPECIALIZED AREAS: Love/Interpersonal relationships; Dream Analysis; Direction/Paths; Empowerment; Paranormal & Occult Phenomena -- things that go 'bump in the night' and more; Cutting ties that bind (toxic relationships, people, and more); Alternate life style relationships; Uncover self created oibstacles impeding your path; Spiritual development and enhancement; Parapsychology and Metaphysics; Medical Medium; Astrology; Tarot (upon request); Animals; Law Enforcement. I'll answer you truthfully, clearly and straightforward telling it like it REALLY is, at times, with touch of humor. I'll help empower and build you up, remove the fears and visual blinders of circumstances and situations presented hindering you from achieving what you seek, and need. I listen and guide without predudice or judgement. With my ability to clear the fog and confusion, I'll gently guide, inspire and empower you to more positive avenues and directions regarding your situation(s) presented. I'll help you regain your power (and keep it) so you can become the creator of your own destiny (that you were rightfully meant to have).


I'm typically a “No Tools” reader. Extensive education and training. Over 35 years in metaphysics, parapsychology and religious disciplines. Over 44 years of active experience in private consults, over 30 yrs. as psychic adviser/intuitive counselor over the phone. I have an extensive background in health and healing, law enforcement and animals (wild and domestic), 30 plus years. Type of readings I give: Clairaudient; Clairvoyant; Clairsentient; Claircognizant; Dream Analysis; Tarot (upon request); Empath; Remote Viewing. Specializing in: Love/ Interpersonal Relationships; Dream Analysis; Empowerment; Parapsychology and Occult phenomena; Metaphysics; Paranormal Investigations; Goals and Direction/Paths. I do not guarantee the answers you hear will be what you want to hear. I do guarantee the answers will always be 100% honest and, guide you in the right direction. Extensive education and training; over 44 years in metaphysics, parapsychology and religious disciplines. I have an extensive background in health and healing, law enforcement and animals (wild and domestic) 30+ years. Doctorate of Parapsychology; Doctorate of Metaphysics; Doctorate of Theology (Ordained Minister ** non-denomination); Health and Life Coach; Counselor; Medical Medium; Cardiac Technician; Physician Assistant.

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