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Experienced Intuitive Spiritual Counselor /Adviser, Life Coach, Parapsychologist, with over 44 years experience.  Born with natural gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairscentience, remote viewing, and empath. Medical Intuitive; Health and Life Coach. SPECIALIZED AREAS: Love /interpersonal Relationships; Dream Analysis; Direction/Paths; Empowerment; Paranormal, Metaphysical and Occult Phenomena -- things that go 'bump' in the night and more; Cutting (toxic) ties that bind; Alternate life style relationships; Uncover self-created obstacles; Spiritual development and enhancement; Parapsychology & Metaphysics; Occult; Astrology; Tarot (upon request); Animals; Law Enforcement.


I'm typically a “No Tools” reader. Extensive education and training. Over 35 yrs. in metaphysics, parapsychology and religious disciplines. Over 44 years active experience in private consults, over 29 yrs. as psychic adviser/intuitive counselor over phone. I have extensive background in health and healing, law enforcement and animals (wild & domestic), 30+ years.  Type of readings I give: Clairaudient; Clairvoyant; Clairsentient; Claircognizant; Dream Analysis; Tarot (upon request); Empath; Remote Viewing. Specializing in: Love/ Interpersonal relationships; Dream Analysis, Empowerment, Parapsychology and Occult phenomena; Goals and Direction /Paths. Doctorate of Parapsychology, Doctorate Metaphysics, Doctorate in Theology (Ordained Minister **non denomination), Health and Life Coach & Counseling, Cardiac Technician, Physician Assistant.


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