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Advisor Saca Moon
Advisor Saca Moon
Love & Relationships
Advisor Saca Moon


I specialize in a career, and relationship/divorce energy. Using cards and astrology, I help you get answers and a course of action. The goal of any session is to clarify the best path to take BUT you always have the FREE WILL to change the course you are on. EVERYONE HAS FREE WILL so even if you find out he or she is the one, the other person can choose to not come to you. Any TIMELINES that are given should be taken with the understanding that energy shifts: it can slow down or speed up. SUBMISSIONS. I will not answer questions regarding COURT CASES, MEDICAL SITUATIONS, PREGNANCIES, LEGAL OUTCOMES, OR THE LOTTERY. I will not give a physical description of people who you may encounter. Being aware that energy that is coming is the most important part of a reading. As an intuitive reader, I look at all the energy of your query and try to give you as complete of a picture as possible but, in the end, you must choose what to do with that information. The choice is always yours.


I have always heard the Universe speak every since I was a little girl. I could feel other's pain and happiness. My body was like a tuning fork that could key in on the energy people were putting out and I could hear the vibrations. I didn't know that I was hearing energy, I just knew that I knew things. After time spent delving into what this meant, I found myself following the path of energy work and healing. I studied the works of Castenda, Toltec teachings, spiritualists, astrologers and many others in my journey of self-discovery. I have been officially following the intuitive path in a professional capacity for over 15 years and reading for others for over 10 years. As a Metaphysical Adviser, my abilities are grounded in using tarot, oracle, astrology, my natural energy and my studies in human behavior to ensure that the readings I am getting from the Universe are insightful and complete. I am very open-minded and approach questions with the utmost care and sensitivity. Confidentiality is always given. I believe in the marriage of science and the metaphysical flow to help my clients. By using scientifically based proven spiritual practices, I will help you connect with your subconscious mind and get in touch with your Inner Self. This will allow you to receive the best answers for the questions that you are seeking answers for. This way I help you feel EMPOWERED to move forward in the direction that your energy wants to go. In addition to my Energy credentials, I also have an extensive background in human communication, psychology, and behavior holding several advanced degrees. When with you, I am able to articulate the patterns that can HELP you move forward and the patterns which may be holding you back.

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Dec 7, 2019
I’ve tried for 30 fucking years to find someone who wants me. time for me to go
Nov 27, 2019
sounds like I shouldn’t have hope
Nov 25, 2019
thank you so much
Aug 2, 2019
it was a good feeling at that moment ???
Aug 2, 2019
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