Hi there, I'm Ruby! Would you rather have someone tell you your destiny or learn how to choose it yourself? I believe that we are all powerful co-creators of our own reality with the Universe. We use tarot not for telling a predetermined future but to access our own intuition, which is really the voice of our true self or soul that can get obscured by external voices and social programming. When we let our true self lead we are able to set intentions for and manifest the life of our dreams. Tarot can also show blocks that need to be cleared or aligned in order to receive our desires. My role as a reader is to facilitate your connection with the Universe and your true self so that you can follow your soul path and step into your own power as a creator. I am excited to help you bring more love, abundance, joy, fulfillment, aliveness and gratitude into your life.


I have been an empath and claircognizant since birth. My abilities grew after I met my twin flame and went through a spiritual awakening. I am able to receive divine guidance through intuition, dreams, angel signs, energetic downloads, channeling and tarot. I read for multiple communities and am a member of an association. I specialize in the Rider-Waite tarot deck. I do not use traditional spreads; instead I ask Source to show you what you need to know about each area you want insight on. I am able to help you get clarity, direction and peace of heart on matters including romance, family, home, career, finances, wellness, travel and adventure. I also facilitate you increasing your own connection with Source and your power to co-create what you desire with the Universe. Each of us was born perfect and are unique in all the Universe, with our own divine godspark. I help you reconnect with that and follow your special path and purpose. Blessings to you!

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