I am a santera guided by my spiritual part to have a better interpretation of energy, the tarot thus be able to give the correct and indicated message to every inconvenience that afflicts each person in the course of life, with my knowledge you can discover if you have gifts , you can find an answer to any concern that torments you, I can help you find your way, clean energy and aura, every event that happens in our life is already written and established. depends on the movement of energy to activate it before or waiting for activate when it is needed, I can guide you to see your past, present and future because these stages are part of life and determines eventualities and the root of an event presented later causing problems, karmic judgments, fears or traumas that they create issues in the normal flow of life and we must evolve and not stay in the past because each grudge or negative things make us retreat instead of moving forward.


Regarding my experience, I can tell you that I have been advising different people since i was 15 years, I have been able to answer every question from various points of view, I have knowledge in ancestral techniques, I am clairvoyant and tarot reader since i was born, i have been helping people with my grandmother who was my guide from a very young age because we shared the same gifts, I could develop beautiful energies to be able to aid and find the solution to every problem that could occur in the daily life of each person who has come to me looking for advise or guide to solve his problems. I have carried out works with the saints and the management of energy so that everything flows in the best way in our lives, always seeking benefit and well-being of the person so that it could improve every area of life under any circumstances.

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