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HI. My name is Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz.

I'm a Spiritual Psychic Reader 🔮 who reads about your situation in order to find the truth. I use tools such as Tarot Divination 🃏, Astrology🪐, and Automatic Writing✍️. I also specialize in Dream Analysis and can read the symbols of your dreams to better reference your life. ☯️



I am a 32-year-old passionate, intuitive, natural healer. I am a knowledge seeker who aims to expand and share my spiritual awareness with the world. 

I specialize in Tarot Reading, Astrology, and Dream Analysis and am a Certified Reiki Healer. I also have skills in Palm Reading, Oracle Cards, IChing and tea Leaf reading - Come in for a Video Reading and Let's read your Fortune with a nice cup of tea 😘

My Psychic Abilities include Clairvoyance, Claircognizants, ClairAudience, Remote Viewing, and Clairsetience. My Spirit guides and the dead spirits in my apartment like to remind me that I am a practicing Psychic Medium. 😫😅

As a Spiritual Life Coach, Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, I offer knowledge and insight into the whole body, mind and spiritual connection. Thus, you can trust that you are receiving guidance from an expert who desires to help you heal inside and out.

I have recently turned to magic, as my guides felt that I was playing Witch without any structure.- Oopsie 🔮 So I now take it more seriously. I study Spelling regularly, participating in rituals, affirmations and protective charms. 

I truly Love what I do, and I am grateful to have made this my Full Time Career. I am growing, nurturing, and educating my skills and talents to help and reach more people find their paths. 


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Thank you so much
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accurate and on point
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thank you
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