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I Am a clairaudient/ clairvoyant with some other minor abilities playing part of my readings when necessary. Most of the time my readings are straight forward communications between my guides and myself using pop songs from as far back as the early 60's to the early 90's and cryptic visual messages, though on occasion there has been readings with spirit communication happening. I am able to describe sensations that might relate to health issues via a strange version of empathy but have no medical training to do any more than describe the sensations (working out what they are is another problem), The readings themselves I try to keep belief neutral as this helps keep the clients comfortable. On the whole unless specific questions need to be answered there is no real telling how each individual reading will take form. I also make use of tarot cards now only as a backup to the gifts for confirmation and added information


I have read for Simon Turnbull's Super psychics way back when I was just beginning, but have been reading at a local market doing face to face readings for nigh on 20 years or more. I have also got a newish Psychic reading business offering raw distance readings (readings done without the client needing to be present) for 3 years , the business has only just gone international with clients coming now from all over the globe


Thank you, i don't know what to say
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