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I have begun my spiritual journey ten years ago upon meeting my twin flame. When I went about searching for answers on this hard yet beautiful connection, I discovered I had abilities of my own. I started with using pendulum upgrading to tarot cards. I was able to accurately connect to people and their relationships using just their names. I was also able to pinpoint accurate future predictions with time frames included. It was this point I realized that I was destined to help people with their relationships and twin flame journeys. With my knowledge of the twin flame journey, I begin to help a lot of people understand the cycles and phases as well as what part they are on within their journey. I had to understand that while each journey is different, I must hold the knowledge of all the different relationships a twin flame journey may bring forth. This is what I use to help people early understand their relationship or what needs attention as well as why they are stuck in their present cycle. I have since then vowed that relationships/ twin flame journeys will forever be my area of focus.


My experience as a psychic has lead me to help others using social media. I eventually went on to read on a hotline and of course in due time manage one as well. I still work both but I have decided it is time for me to expand beyond that. My guides encouraged me to push my limits and expand to help all others that may be lost. I have successfully helped hundreds or more of people with their relationships and fertility. My time lines always match to what is it come, making me a preferred psychic by my peers. Time lines are a huge strong point for me, as well as my accuracy with time and future predictions. I accurately tap into both individuals within the relationships energy. I can even tap into third party energy. I work side by side with my guides using my cards to relay spiritual advice to help others on their life paths.

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