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Using tarot card or gypsy deck supporting the clairvoyance, it is possible to see the situation with past and future mirrors, looking for guidelines for decisions and advice. I study the divinatory arts and mysticism from a very early age including several religions, which allows me to search for personalized tools for each person. I work with energies, bioenergies, energetic configuration, as it is often necessary to suggest a route to the querent. I use a simple speach-writing, extremely direct, technical,supported by sensitivity, helping the querent quickly and dynamically, because spirituality is dynamic. After years of study in the most renowned schools of mystery, sounded to the experience of life, I acquired fluency in the divinatory tools. Are you having doubts in your love life, professional, financial, family? Make your appointment now.


I can see your future using some tools like Tarot Crowley, Golden Dawn Tarot, Tarot Rider Waite, Gypsy Tarot, Odin Runes and Pendulums, supporting clairvoyance. Thus, it is possible to see the situation with mirrors of the past and the future, defining guidelines for advice and decision making.
Do you have issueson your professional, financial, family life? My knowledge can help you chart to improve your life route.
My contact with the spiritual world began at the age of five, after a near-death experience, staying two months in a coma. I make astral travel and unfoldment of consciousness ever since. The physical and spiritual world is one thing only for me.
I began my studies in Egyptian and Jewish Kabbalah at age twelve.
My knowledge of the divinatory arts comes from the so-called Illuminattis Orders, which rare and few people had the chance to study.
In addition, I use radiesthesia and radionics, and my rituals are focused on the angels of God.
I am paranormal, tarot reader, Kabbalist, having experience in several Tarots, gypsy divination, besides metaphysics. I work with behavioral development, guided by the tarot arcana and psychoanalysis. I can help you to tread, understand and achieve your victories on the spiritual path. I work with soul improvement and relationship recovery.
I can see your future love. Calm your heart and find out what the destination is for you! Find the best way to conquer your dreams.
I work with clairvoyance linked to Health, Love, Professional life.
I am specialize in love affairs.
My knowledge is very specific and accurate in divination, for the secret societies have a very strong spiritual teaching, including Yoga, Kabbalah and specific development of clairvoyance.


don’t understand her very well
accurate, honest and right to the point:)
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