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The Spiritual Phoenix


May this find you well, I’m the Spiritual Phoenix. If you are looking for an accurate, honest, straightforward and detailed reader, I am the one for you. My spiritual awakening was birthed from chaotic life experiences. Those experiences led to the complete destruction of an old way of life and led to my current incarnation. I have lived many lives in this life and died many deaths. I am a relationship problem solver who is able to illuminate answers to your most challenging questions whether they are in regards to love, career or spirituality. I have experience with Mediumship, Psychic Abilities and Tarot reading. I can help you overcome any obstacle confidently. Every reading I offer is packed with information for your highest good and explained in a down to earth way. The Mysteries of the universe reveal themselves to those wise in the ways. Contact me today for a reading.


I have personally used Tarot as a transformational tool to help me better understand myself and the situations around me. I have studied several books on esoteric concepts, studied symbolism, the esoteric meanings of colors and have knowledge based on a spiritual understanding that allows me to give an in-depth reading. Life itself has been my greatest teacher in regards to spiritual guidance, life coaching and relationship advice. Having needed to seek a deeper spiritual awareness in order to move forward at one point in my life, I have learned beliefs, actions and attitudes that limit spiritual growth. I'm suited for life coaching as my life itself was off track and I have learned to get it back in a direction that is geared toward creating the life I want. In regards to offering relationship advice, I have had many poor relationships and have found the behaviors, attitudes and actions that prevent genuine connection.

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