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Hello my name is rose and I am a Psychic Medium and a master tarot card reader. I specialize in Love and relationships. I am a master at the LOVERS tarot. I also can tell you who your Soulmate is within minutes, and who is not. Are you lacking Fulfillment In your Work Or Personal Life? With A psychic & tarot card Reading find out your future with just a name and date of birth. Try your reading today with a Accurate Psychic and tarot card reader.


I am a third generation spiritualist and a master tarot reader. i have seen visions and felt spirits from others. Attended cassadaga spiritualist camp 4 years in a row. I was born with the gift of feeling energies and seeing into the future. i have helped many in their times of need for answers. i predict all things in life.


super slow and rude.
great reading
she knows what the soul knows.
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