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Rose Plum is a master psychic and tarot master with over 4 years tarot reading experience professionally and works with clients for their highest good and to help them feel empowered. Rose was trained as a psychic by her grandmother and aunt whom taught her how to cut etheric chords, how to work with affirmations, how to contact angels, how to do energy healing, clear negative energy from auras and balance and clean the energy in chakras. When you call please provide your first name and date of birth and the first name and date of birth of the person in question. Rose finds readings work best when you have a specific life area and a few questions about what you would like to know. Common questions clients ask and Rose provides non-judgmental, honest and accurate answers to are: Will he text? Will he call? When and will we get back together? Is he my twin flame? Is he my soulmate? What is the different between a soulmate and a twin flame? Will he leave his wife for me? Rose descends from a long line of witches from Naples, Italy and magic is in her family stretching back generations to Roman times. Rose works with angels and oracle and tarot cards for your readings. Angels are etheric beings that guide us on our path in this life. Everyone has at least two guardian angels and other guides like a Dream Guide and Spirit Guide. Call Rose today to contact your Spirit Guides, Dream Guides, Angels and learn how to empower yourself to keep ascending to higher levels of enlightment. Learn how to clean your enegy and protect your energy from negative draining people and energy vampires.


Rose lived and worked as a priestess in Atlantis in a past life. Descended from witches from Naples, Italy from Roman times, witchy ways and psychic talents have passed generation to generation mother to daughter in her family for centuries. Rose works with clients reading tarot for over 4 years and gives advice about dating, love and relationships, contacting angels, spirit guides, dream guides. Rose further developed her training studying Sacred Light Healing under Melissa Virtue to clean energy and balance chakras. Sacred Light Healing works to remove energetic blocks that might be blocking you from your prosperity or blocking you and your twin flame from meeting in this incarnation. Rose learned about working with affirmations and meditation and can teach you about the two most powerful words in the the world. Rose works with clients to manifest their dreams and goals and their highest good.

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