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Honesty and non-judgemental readings are the names of the game. I am not 'inside the box' Reader and enjoy putting my little twist on things. Listening to my intuition first when it comes to working my magic I do not use a particular spread I tend to lay the cards as I am called to and decipher the information given and pass on the information I receive. I am a witch...with natural abilities. I am clairsentient, clairaudient, and clairvoyant. It means sometimes, I just know, hear or see the information as I am supposed to pass it to you. I use not only my Ancestors but also my spiritual team, Tarot Cards, Oracles cards and Angel Insight to lead you to the most aligned pathway for you. What do my Tarot Readings tell you? I connect and read what energy is surrounding you at the moment. I will tell you what I see is happening with you, I will tell you what I see coming up with you the second you make a choice that doesn't line up, the energy changes. Sometimes it is something you don't want to hear, sometimes it is something you have wanted to hear, and of course, at times it will not make sense at all until one-day things fall into place and you think, this is what she was talking about during the reading. Hark, CLARITY.


I have been a Tarot Reader for over 15 years, I also teach this art to those with the intuitive gift. In sessions, I find that specific questions often renders the best reading. Within my experience, I also find that it is better to ask about yourself and how things affect you, we can, of course, read relationships and feelings, however, know that if reading additional energy it may not be about your best interest but a median of both energies. I have done sessions all over the Midwest and the South and have guided many souls to obtain their life path with my readings. I look forward to having a session with you about career, your own spiritual path, healing traumas from the past and illuminating your next step.

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