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Rolling Mystic


Love and relationships are the core of our existence. I use my experience and intuition to provide straightforward answers to your questions and will I never sugarcoat the truth. I will only tell you the truth of what I see and feel I will never compromise the truth to tell someone want to hear The truth may hurt for a moment but it sets free I specialize in Breakups/Divorce, Relationships, LGBTQ Issues, and Infidelity For best results be honest with yourself and with me you will find the the universe reflects back whatever energy and intent you put in. I specialize in spiritual and psychic readings, dream interpretation past lives, the paranormal, karma, angels, and tarot, and oracle readings. That being said one area of life touches all others of I am always willing to provide answers to any questions my clients have and provide whatever information comes through in a reading. My goal is to provide my clients with the most in-depth information, and insight possible to allow you to have your best journey in this life, and the next. I am continually working to understand, and develop my skills on an ongoing basis so that I can provide better services to my clients. My readings are empathetic but for free and straightforward. I look forward to providing you with great reading. Some of my services include. Affirmations Aura Cleansing Chakra Cleansing Reiki Tarot Intuitive Readings Spiritual Coaching Life Coaching This is just a small sample of the tools and services I can provide to help you know your best self and best life now. I am always learning about new tools, and refining my skills to provide the best outcomes for my clients As such I offer an inclusive experience that provides for a more holistic approach to reading. Whether you’re looking for answers to a life question, want to find balance and direction on your spiritual path or looking to chart out a new abundant life I can help.


Some call me the rolling mystic because I have made use of a wheelchair at various seasons of my life. I was born with several health conditions that have allowed me insight into healing on an energetic, spiritual levels. When I was about 16 years old I began to more fully U understand my psychic and intuitive abilities. At the time I was heavily involved n mainstream western religious beliefs and found that members of the community came to me for advice and insight. I eventually found myself connecting with angels on behalf of those in this community and would offer readings upon request. Eventually, I began to study. develop, and expand my abilities. Eventually I became an interfaith ordained minister and offered readings and part of my spiritual and life coaching practices. I am now exited to able to offer psychic and intuitive readings as standalone services as a way to assist a greater number of people.

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