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Divine Robin


I am a 4th generation empath intuitive. My gift has been used for many years to guide and direct those in need. I have a deep connection to my intuition and as an empath I feel your pain on a literal level. Contacting me is your first step to changing your life. No matter the situation, confusion or pain you are facing I can and will help you find the light at the end of the narrow road. I have the connection with my guides that ensures that each day I am a success for those who contact me always being in tuned and direct. My abilities have guided many and my family history is still running strong in my area. I am proud and happy to be here for you, your friend


I have over 30 years of experience giving advice and direction to troubled souls. I direct beautiful souls into the direction they should go and out of toxic and painful situations that they feel stuck in. There is nothing we can't face together. I connect with tarot only if requested as it gives extra guidance to a desired result. Relationship advice, toxic connections, abusive relationships, affairs, cheating boyfriends or girlfriends, loss, aging and menopause are many ways I have helped troubled souls. There is nothing at all that I have not and can not guide you through with peace, love and light. Contacting me will put your heart and mind at ease as we shed light on your situation. You will see in just minutes why you were guided to contact me. Peace, Love and Light

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love her she picked up the guy I didnt even mention or give his name. sorry I ran out if funds I'll be back for sure
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