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Hello and thank you for choosing me here at Zodiac Psychics as an advisor I will be open and honest with all of my readings I am straight to the point I am not here to tell you what you want to hear I am here to tell you what I see i Offer sand readings spiritual Aura readings Crystal energy readings tarot cards Angel cards the rider deck these readings are accurate just with your name and date of birth I will not ask you questions you are allowed to ask questions at the end of your reading don't hesitate to contact me I am One Call Away thank you and have a blessed and beautiful day.


I've been working with my spiritual gifts at the age of 20 I had to skip at the young age growing up I did not realize what this was I ignored it an uncle of mine has passed on 8 years ago ident dreamt about his passing 24 hours prior of it this is something I kept to myself for a very long time growing up when does Uncle of mine has passed I realized I am here with a gift and I can't ignore it anymore I interpreted dreams I am able to read you just with your name and date of birth I read for friends in a few close family members now I feel it is my time to reach out to those that are need worldwide don't hesitate to contact me like I said I am honest straight to the point I am non-judgemental whether it be about love career don't hesitate God bless


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